Sintered Submerged Arc Welding Flux SJ201

Sintered Submerged Arc Welding Flux SJ201

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Product Details

Name:                  Agglomerated submerged arc welding flux SJ201

AWS:                   AWS A5.17/5.23 F7A4-EH14

SAW wires:          EM12K, EH14, EA2

Power supply:       DC (DCEP), AC

Graize size:          10-60 mesh (0.28-2.0mm)

Category:             steel structures, beams, columns

Description:      welding flux SJ201 is alumina and alkali oxides based agglomerated flux. It's grey granules with grain size of 10-60 mesh. When using DC current welding, please connect wires with positive pole. The maximum energy input is 700A. It's featured with stable arc, smooth weld bead, excellent slag removal. Weld metal has good impact toughness. Welding flux SJ201 is applicable for various low alloy steel structures, especially for thick plate narrow gap, narrow groove welding.

Package:              damp-proof packing, 25kg/bag

Certification:          ISO 

Sintered Submerged Arc Welding Flux SJ201 Mechanical Properties of Deposit Metal


Yield Strength ReH (δs) MPa

Tensile Strength Rm (σb) MPa

Elongation A (δ5) %

Charpy-V lmpact Test (J)


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