The Vast Railroad Rail Welding Speed Up

- Mar 25, 2018-

The vast railroad rail welding speed up


Correspondent Hu Xiaorong correspondent Deng Haowen Du Yunmei

As China-Myanmar international thoroughfares domestic segment Guangtong to Dali Railway construction continued to deepen, Kunming Railway Bureau meticulously arranged to speed up the progress of long rail welding of the road segment, laying the site preparation for the track laying.

In order to ensure adequate use of rail for the new line project, Kunming Railway Bureau started from the welding rail organization, the technical department has repeatedly docked with the on-site construction party to implement the long-rail demand, supply deadline and tailor-made production base organization , Do advance welding, plans to pull transport. Welded rail production base organization 80 personnel, according to three shifts work long-range rail system, during which continuous optimization of technology, equipment, personnel and production organization, each working day can be welded on average 5 km long track.