Construction Of Steel Welding Equipment To Buy What Attention To The Issue

- Mar 24, 2018-

Construction of steel welding equipment to buy what attention to the issue


Construction of steel welding equipment to buy what problems? 1) Equipment technical performance, such as welding speed, welding cost, the range of the label suitable for welding rebar and the orientation of welding rebar; 2) The adjustment of welding process parameters (suitable for the range of welding rebars), the convenience and safety of equipment control, Whether it is simple or not; 3) the supply of equipment parts such as wearing parts, etc .; 4) the equipment required for the equipment, such as the power source and other equipment and tools required, the working environment and conditions 5) Equipment commissioning is simple, can quickly enter the normal state of production; 6) equipment quality, such as equipment failure-free life, scrap time, and equipment maintenance is simple; 7) the use of equipment welded steel joints can meet the technical requirements; ) The manufacturer's situation, whether it has the professional and production history, reputation, etc .; 9) after-sales service and technical support is particularly important. 10) Reasonable cost performance;