Ni60A Nickel Base Alloy Powder

- Mar 27, 2018-

Ni60A nickel base alloy powder

It is a high hardness nickel-chrome-boron-silicon alloy powder. Self-fluxing, wettability, and weldability are excellent, and the melting point is relatively low. The spray coating has high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and heat resistance, and is difficult to cut. Wet grinding is appropriate. The

Uses: Suitable for oxygen - acetylene flame or plasma spray welding process, commonly used in corrosion protection, wear resistance, in particular, the preventive protection and repair of sliding wear parts, such as drawing rollers, cams, plungers, rolling mills, etc. .


1. Please strictly follow the requirements of oxygen-acetylene flame or plasma spray welding process.

2. When small and medium-size spray welding looters are used, powder of -150 mesh should be selected, and large-scale spray welding should be used to select -150/+320 mesh powder.

3, if the alloy powder absorption phenomenon, or storage period of more than 3 months, should be dried before use (120 °C, heat 2 hours). 316L stainless steel alloy powder