MSD-50A Hard Surface Wear-resistant Electrode

- Mar 28, 2018-

MSD-50A hard surface wear-resistant electrode

Description: The electrode is a low hydrogen sodium type coating surfacing electrode, can be AC, DC dual-use, welding arc stability, small spatter, easy slag off, forming a smooth, fast deposition speed, single or multi-layer surfacing There is no shedding phenomenon, the weld metal has high toughness and good wear resistance.

Uses: Suitable for all types of crushers. Pulverizers, hammerheads, jaws, buckets, bulldozer blades and other parts of the wear surface welding. Surfacing layer hardness: HRC>50

Reference current electrode diameter 3.2 4.0 5.0

90 180~120 150~180 180~220


1. If the electrode gets wet, it should be baked at 300-350°C for 1 hour.

2. If the material carbon equivalent is high, the workpiece is suitably heat-retained and slowly cooled after welding.

3, surfacing should adopt a small current, the effect is better.

D406 Hardfacing Electrode Model:EDRCrMnMoWCo-A

Description: Chrome-molybdenum-tungsten hot-strong steel wear-resistant surfacing electrode, surfacing metal a + solid solution + austenite + martensite + eutectic structure, with high red hardware, crack resistance and thermal fatigue resistance.

Uses: For high temperature cutting tools, molds, such as heat-shearing edge surfacing.

Deposited metal chemical composition /%

C ≤ 0.5 Si ≤ 2 Mn ≤ 2 Cr ≤ 6 Mo ≤ 5 W ≤ 10 V ≤ 2 Co ≤ 12 Other ≤ 2

Surfacing hardness HRC: ≈50 (air cooled after welding)