Welding Torch Classification

- Feb 09, 2018-

Welding torch classification

Welding torch by combustible gas and oxygen mixture is divided into two types of isostatic and ejection type; by size and weight into two types of standard and portable; according to the number of flame is divided into single-flame and multi-flame two categories; According to the type of combustible gas is divided into acetylene, hydrogen, liquefied petroleum gas and other categories; by method of use is divided into two types of hand and machinery.

Isobaric torch combustible gas pressure and oxygen pressure are equal, so called pressure type. Isobaric welding torch has the advantage of not prone to tempering, but the isobaric welding torch can not be used for low-pressure acetylene, thus limiting its use, so the current isotherm welding torch rarely used. The jet welding torch, acetylene flow mainly depends on the role of aspiration (that is, the rapid injection of oxygen from the nozzle, the acetylene will gather around the nozzle sucked out, and mixed in a certain proportion of the mixture after the nozzle from the nozzle), so Whether the use of low-pressure acetylene or medium-voltage acetylene, can make the torch work properly. At present, the welding torch is suction type.