Welding Specification Settings. Arc Starting And Arc Ending Parameters.

- Apr 13, 2018-

Welding specification settings. Arc starting and arc ending parameters.

Swing function. Swing frequency, swing, swing type setting.

Welding sensor. Start point detection, weld seam tracking sensor interface functions.

Gun anti-collision function. When the welding torch is subjected to abnormal resistance, the robot stops and the operator and tool are protected from damage.

Multi-layer welding function. The application of this function enables the automatic programming of the remaining layers after the first layer welding teaching is completed.

Re-arc function. After the arc failed, it will automatically retry. As a result, job interruptions caused by welding anomalies (initial arc failures) are eliminated, and the entire line of parking caused by this is avoided as much as possible.

Gun correction function. When the gun collides with the workpiece, it can be corrected by a simple operation.

Sticky wire automatic release function. If the wire sticking is detected at the end of welding, the wire is automatically re-energized, so that it is not necessary to manually cut the wire.

Broken arc restart function. When a broken arc occurs, the robot will return to the arc welding according to the designated overlap amount. Therefore, no welding work is required.