Welding Method

- Aug 30, 2017-

Welding technology is mainly used in metal masterbatch, commonly used arc welding, argon arc welding, CO2 protection welding, oxygen-acetylene welding, laser welding, electroslag pressure welding, such as a variety of non-metallic materials such as plastics can also be welded. There are 40 kinds of metal welding methods, including welding, welding and brazing.

Weld welding is the process of welding the workpiece interface to the melting state, without pressure to complete the welding method. When welding, the heat source will be welded to the two workpiece interface at the rapid heating and melting, forming molten pool. The molten pool moves forward with the heat source, cools and forms a continuous weld and connects the two workpieces into one.

Pressure welding is under pressure conditions, so that the two workpiece in the solid state to achieve the combination of atoms, also known as solid-state welding. Commonly used in the welding process is resistance to welding, when the current through the connection between the two workpiece, the place because the resistance is very large and temperature rise, when heated to plastic state, in the axial pressure under the action of the connection become one.

Brazing is the use of metal materials than the melting point of the workpiece as a filler, the workpiece and solder heating to a higher than the melting point, lower than the melting point of the workpiece temperature, the use of liquid solder wetting the workpiece, filling the interface gap and the workpiece to achieve the mutual diffusion of atoms, thus realizing the welding method