Welding Inspector Should Have The Quality And Ability

- Feb 28, 2018-

Welding inspector should have the quality and ability

First, it may be the most important quality, that is, a professional attitude. A professional attitude is often a key factor in the success of a welding inspector.

Professionalism includes the ability of welding inspectors to make fair, comprehensive and consistent decisions on the facts. If the decisions made by an inspector are unfair, unilateral and inconsistent, these decisions by his inspectors will greatly affect his credibility. This requires that the welding inspector be very familiar with the requirements of the work he is doing, so that the decision made by the welding inspector will neither be too severe nor too loose. The acceptability of a component is not correct until it has been tested. The test must be fact-based. The factors to be determined must be the actual conditions of the weld and the criteria for determination set forth in the applicable codes.

Ability to Describe Welding Requirements Another qualification that a weld inspector should have is his ability to understand and apply various data to describe welding requirements.

These materials may include: drawings, specifications, standards and technical conditions. These materials provide much of the information about what, when, where, and how to perform the welding and inspection.