Welding Equipment Selection Principle

- Feb 06, 2018-

The selection of welding equipment is to develop an important part of the welding process, involving many factors, but should pay attention to the following aspects.

Welding structure of the technical requirements

The welded structure of the technical requirements, including welded structure of the material properties, structural characteristics, size, accuracy requirements and the use of structural conditions.

If the welding structure of materials for the ordinary low-carbon steel, arc welding transformers can be used; if the welding structure requires a higher and requires low-hydrogen welding electrodes, we must use DC arc welding machine.

If it is thick pieces of welding, you can use electroslag welding machine; if it is bar docking, the choice of cold pressure welding machine and resistance welding machine. On the active metal or alloy, heat-resistant alloys and corrosion-resistant alloys, according to the specific circumstances, the optional inert gas shielded welding machine, plasma arc welder, electron beam welding machine.

For large quantities of structural form and size of the welding structure, you can use special welder.