Welding And Cutting Equipment Is An Important Process Equipment For Modern Industry, And The Industry Is Widely Used

- Apr 09, 2018-

Welding and cutting equipment is an important process equipment for modern industry, and the industry is widely used. With the continuous improvement of China's industrialization, welding and cutting equipment industry has shown rapid development.

Automatic welding (cutting) complete sets of equipment has become an important equipment in the field of modern machinery manufacturing. The market prospects are broad, but some high-precision core products still rely on imports. This has also led to an annual increase in the value of imported welding equipment, which has rapidly become an industry growth. Highlights.

After seeing a bright spot in the market, we are more aware that welding equipment belongs to the products listed in the “First Catalogue of Compulsory Product Certifications” of the country. Welding equipment produced by companies must have mandatory certification in order to sell, import, and Used in business. The CNCA has stipulated strict certification procedures for mandatory product certification.