- Aug 30, 2017-

Welding: Also known as Weld, Rong, is a manufacturing process and technology that engages metal or other thermoplastic materials, such as plastics, in a heating, high-temperature, or high-pressure manner. The purpose of welding is to achieve the following three methods:

1, Fusion welding--heating to join the workpiece so that the local melting to form molten pool, molten pool cooling and solidification will be joined, when necessary to add melt filler, it is suitable for a variety of metal and alloy welding processing, no need for pressure.

2, pressure welding-welding process must be pressure on the welding parts, belong to a variety of metal materials and metal processing.

3, brazing-the use of metal material than the melting point of the base material to do solder, the use of liquid filler wetting masterbatch, filling the joint clearance, and with the parent material diffusion to achieve link welding pieces. Suitable for all kinds of materials welding processing, but also suitable for different metal or dissimilar materials welding processing.