TM55 1 55~59 Wear-resistant Welding Rod Is Mainly Used For The Welding Repair Of The Severely Worn Parts Of The Crusher's Hammer Head

- May 23, 2018-

TM55 1 55~59 wear-resistant welding rod is mainly used for the welding repair of the severely worn parts of the crusher's hammer head. Generally, 1 to 2 layers can be piled and welded, and it can also be used to repair tower dents. According to different application occasions, they can be used selectively. Their wear resistance from high to low is TM-65, TDL-65, TDP-65, TDL-60, TM-55. TDL-60 1 56~62 TDP-65 1 59~65 TDL-65 1 62~66 TM65 1 61~66 MD501 2 52~ 55 For on-site surfacing repair and surfacing of the old parts of the hammer head and hammer disc of the crusher There are cracks in the layer but excellent wear resistance does not affect use.