The Role Of Trace Metal Elements In Steel

- Apr 18, 2018-

The role of trace metal elements in steel:

5, nickel (Ni): can improve the steel's strength, toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, permeability and so on. Increase the hardenability and hardness of steel.

6, vanadium (V): can be given to some of the special mechanical properties of steel: such as increasing tensile strength and yield point, significantly increase the high temperature strength of steel.

7. Titanium (Ti): It can prevent and reduce the generation of bubbles in steel, increase the hardness of steel, refine grains, reduce the time-sensitive sensitivity, cold brittleness and corrosion of steel.

8, copper (Cu): generally the same as P, S is a residual harmful element. The presence of Cu reduces the mechanical properties of the steel, destroys the weldability of the steel, and causes hot brittleness during the processing of the steel such as forging. Adding a certain amount of Cu in the steel can increase the hardness of the steel and reduce the cost of the steel. If the content of Cu is 0.15-0.25%, the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the steel can be improved.