The Main Points When Robot Welding

- Apr 11, 2018-

The main points when robot welding

1. Must teach work

Before the robot performs automatic welding, the operator must teach the trajectory of the robot welding torch and set the welding conditions.

Because it must be taught, robots are not soldered to products of many varieties and small quantities.

2. Must ensure the accuracy of the workpiece

Robots have no eyes and can only repeat the same actions.

The robot trajectory accuracy is ±0.1mm, and the same action is repeated with this accuracy.

If the welding deviation is greater than the welding wire radius, there is a possibility that the welding is not good, so the accuracy of the workpiece should be kept within the welding wire radius.

3. The welding conditions are set depending on the technical level of the teaching staff

The operator must enter the welding procedure, welding gun attitude and angle, current, voltage, speed and other welding conditions when teaching.

Teaching operators must fully understand welding knowledge and welding techniques.

4. Must pay full attention to safety

A robot is a high-speed exercise device that never allows people to approach the robot when it is running automatically (safety barrier must be set).

Operators must receive special education in labor safety, otherwise they will not be allowed to operate.