The Industrial Art Of Welding

- Aug 30, 2017-

The art creation and the craft method, always is inseparable. As an industrial technology, the appearance of welding meets the needs of the development of metal art to new technological means. On the other hand, the unique and wonderful changes produced by metal under the effect of welding heat also satisfy the need of metal art to new artistic expression language. In today's metal art creation, welding is being used as a unique artistic expression language and focus on performance. Metal welding art, as a relatively independent art form, is separated from the traditional metal art by branching, which is because of the artistry of welding. Welding can produce rich expressive language of artistic creation. Welding is usually done at high temperatures, and metals can produce many wonderful and varied changes at high temperatures. The metal Masterbatch will change color and thermal deformation (i.e. welding heat affected zone); the welding wire will form some beautiful texture after melting, and weld defects are often applied in welding art. Welding defects refer to defects in the welding process that do not conform to the design or process requirements. The main manifestations of the welding cracks, blowhole, biting, not welded, not fusion, slag, weld, collapse, pits, burning, inclusion, etc. this is a very interesting phenomenon: in today's metal art, welding art is usually reflected in some industrial welding failure operation, Or in some of the welding flaws that are hard to avoid in industrial welding. Secondly, the welding art language is unique.