The Application Of Computer In Welding

- May 30, 2018-

The application of computer in welding

The arc welding equipment microcomputer control system can analyze and control various parameters such as welding current, welding speed, arc length, etc., and display and data retention of welding operation procedures and parameter changes, thereby giving the exact information of welding quality. At present, various control systems established with the computer as the core include welding sequence control systems, PID adjustment systems, optimal controls, and adaptive control systems. These systems are used in different welding methods such as arc welding, pressure welding and brazing. The application of computer software technology in welding is getting more and more attention. At present, computer simulation technology has been used to simulate welding heat processes, welding metallurgical processes, welding stress and deformation, etc.; database technology is used to establish welder file management database, welding symbol retrieval database, welding process assessment database, welding material retrieval database, etc. In the field of welding, the application of CAD/CAM is in continuous development, and flexible manufacturing systems for welding have also emerged.