Portable Gas Torch Editing

- Mar 06, 2018-

Portable gas torch editing

Also known as universal lighters, the use of high-pressure jet technology (top of the fuselage with turbocharger), the gas in the supercharger after compression, under the intense pressure of the violently jetted out, so that the flame temperature up to 1300 degrees to 3000 degrees and above . Can be used to process welding aluminum, tin, gold, silver, plastic and so on. Such as welding and cutting repair plastic products, but also can be used as a strong windbreaker, adjustable wind size.

Products are widely used in aerial work, there is no power supply and other occasions; is an indispensable tool for maintenance and repair, but also the kitchen appliance repair industry, easy maintenance professional tools. With portable, safe and reliable advantages.

Higher than the normal arc welding efficiency