Oxygen Cutting The Main Welding Materials

- Jan 25, 2018-

Oxygen cutting the main welding materials are: cutting Tsui, oxygen welding torch, oxygen Tsui, flux, base metal (welding materials), welding gloves, protective masks.

The main application of the industry for the metal sheet metal industry, medical equipment industry, mold making, furniture factory, bicycle moped industry, shipbuilding industry `` `can be said to be useful in various industries.

Stainless steel - aluminum alloy welding materials: aluminum silicon solder powder 304 #, aluminum silicon solder powder 430 #, aluminum silicon flux powder. Model Composition Welding temperature ℃ Performance and use Aluminum silicon solder powder 304 # Aluminum silicon alloy powder 580-605 Used for brazing 304 stainless steel, alloy steel - aluminum. Aluminum silicon solder powder 430 # Al-Si alloy powder, rare earth metal powder 570-590 is a low-temperature solder, for brazing 430,201 Material stainless steel - aluminum aluminum silicon flux powder aluminum fluoride and potassium fluoride eutectic 550 -570 Remove the oxide film on the metal surface, increase the fluidity and tiling performance of the solder during soldering, and secure after welding.