Ni60A Nickel-based Alloy Powder

- Feb 12, 2018-

Ni60A nickel-based alloy powder

High hardness nickel-chromium-boron-silicon alloy powder. Self-fluxing, wettability and sprayability, and low melting point, spray coating with high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, heat-resistant features, difficult to cut to wet grinding is appropriate. The company is located in:

Uses: Suitable for oxygen - acetylene flame or plasma spray welding process, commonly used in corrosion protection, wear-resistant, especially the wear-resistant parts of the sliding preventive protection and repair, such as wire drawing drum, cam, plunger, roller conveyor .


1, please strictly according to oxygen - acetylene flame or plasma spray welding process requirements.

2, the use of small and medium-sized spray gun to grab, should choose -150 purpose powder, when using large spray gun should choose -150 / +320 purpose powder.

3, if any absorption of alloy powder phenomenon, or storage period of more than 3 months, should be used before the dry place (120 ℃, heat 2 hours). 316L stainless steel alloy powder