MSD-50A Hard-wearing Electrode

- Feb 13, 2018-

MSD-50A hard-wearing electrode

Description: The electrode is low hydrogen sodium type coating surfacing electrode, AC and DC can be used, welding arc stability, splash small, easy to slag, forming smooth, fast stacking, single or multi-layer welding No shedding phenomenon, weld metal, high toughness, good wear resistance.

Uses: Suitable for all kinds of crusher. Pulverizer, hammer, jaw, bucket fighting, bulldozers and other easy-to-wear parts surface surfacing. Surfacing hardness: HRC> 50

Reference current electrode diameter 3.2 4.0 5.0

90 180 ~ 120 150 ~ 180 180 ~ 220


1, if the electrode damp, should be 300-350 ℃ baking 1h.

2, if the material carbon equivalent higher, the workpiece after appropriate preheating, slow cooling after welding.

3, surfacing should adopt a small current, the effect is better.

D406 hardfacing electrode Model: EDRCrMnMoWCo-A

Description: Chromium molybdenum tungsten hard-wearing surfacing electrode, the weld metal is a + solid solution + austenite + martensite + eutectic, with high red hardware, crack resistance and thermal fatigue resistance.

Uses: For high temperature cutting tools, molds, such as hot cutting edge surfacing.

Deposited metal chemical composition /%

C≤0.5 Si≤2 Mn≤2 Cr≤6 Mo≤5 W≤10 V≤2 Co≤12 Others≤2

Surfacing hardness HRC: ≈ 50 (air-cooled after welding)


D417 high speed tool steel welding electrode Model: EDD-B-15

Description: High-speed tool steel surfacing electrode, DC reverse, good processability, abrasion resistance and crack resistance.

Uses: Used for surfacing welding with strong impact wear, corrosion, cavitation occasions, such as single and double tooth roll crusher, leaves, blast furnace clock, etc., also used for a variety of stamping die surfacing.

Deposited metal chemical composition /%

C0.5-0.9 Si≤0.8 Mn≤0.6 Cr 3-5 Mo 5-9.5 W 1-2.5 V 0.8-1.3 Others ≤1

Surfacing hardness HRC: ≥ 55 (air-cooled after welding)