Many Existing Product Lines Are Equipped With Gas Welding Process.

- Mar 08, 2018-

Many existing product lines are equipped with gas welding process.

Gas torch

The assembly of plates, the workers in this post need to first a number of plates, mold, and then gas welding. Subsequently, remove the welding parts, and then re-mold, welding ... ... This cycle of work to complete a battery plate assembly cycle is about 1 minute 20 seconds. The gas welding time is about 40 seconds, while the mold, the mold unloading 80 seconds during the gas torch is still open. No gas torch intermittent opening and closing controller device, there are four deficiencies: (1) frequent off the gun, ignition on, adjust the flame, not only the operation is very troublesome, but also time-consuming, affecting the work process. (2) frequent off the gun to regulate the flame, but also to the product quality has a great impact. Therefore, it is very hard for managers to establish a uniform product quality standard for staff if they carry out scientific and detailed management. (3) The safety device is far away from the worker (some enterprises have no safety device) and may be tempered at any time, causing potential explosion hazard. (4) gas welding gun has been kept normally open, not only a lot of energy waste but also cause more serious environmental pollution.