Introduction To The Performance Requirements And System Configuration Of Welding Robots

- Apr 15, 2018-

Introduction to the performance requirements and system configuration of welding robots

(covered number is 150)

Positioning mode: use incremental encoder as position detection element

Control method: Repeated digital position control method to accurately control the motion trajectory

Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.2mm

Driving mode: The electric servo adopts the AC speed measuring generator as the speed detecting element of the servo motor, realizes the speed feedback, and introduces the torque feedback

Drive source: DC servo motor

Program control and storage: 8-bit micro-processor Intel8080 with semiconductor memory as main memory (insufficient main memory capacity for cartridges)

Procedure steps: 1000 steps

Number of instructions: 600

Weight: body 400kg control part 350kg

External synchronization signal: input 22 points to output 21 points

Power supply: AC220/220V (+10%, -15%), 50/60HZ±1HZ, three-phase 5KVA