Improve Welding Productivity

- Jun 01, 2018-

Improve welding productivity

Increasing welding productivity is an important driving force for the development of welding technology. There are two ways to increase productivity: The first is to increase the welding deposition rate. Hand iron welding in the iron powder welding, gravity welding, lying welding and other processes; multi-wire submerged arc welding, hot wire welding are all such, its effect is significant. For example, three wire SAW, its process parameters are 2200AX33V; 1400AX40V1100AX45V, the use of a small groove cross section, the back of the baffle or liner, 50-6mm steel plate can be a weld through the formation, the welding speed of 0.4m/min or more The deposition efficiency is more than 100 times that of manual arc welding. The second is to reduce the section of the groove and the amount of deposited metal. The most outstanding achievement in the past 10 years has been narrow gap welding. Narrow-gap welding is based on gas shielded welding using single, double or triple wire welding. Regardless of the joint thickness, butt joints can be used. For example, the thickness of the steel plate is from 50 to 300 mm, and the gap can be designed to be about 13 mm, so that the amount of deposited metal required can be reduced by several times or several tens of times, thereby greatly improving productivity. The key technology of narrow gap welding is how to ensure the penetration of both sides and ensure that the arc center is automatically tracked on the centerline of the groove. In order to solve these two problems, various countries in the world have developed many different solutions, and thus a variety of narrow gap welding methods have appeared. Electron beam welding, laser beam welding and plasma arc welding can use butt joints, and do not open the wave opening, so it is the ideal narrow gap welding method, which is one of the important reasons for their widespread attention.