Do Not Forget The Beginning Of The Heart For Building Welding Consumables Power Forward

- Feb 27, 2018-

Do not forget the beginning of the heart for building welding consumables power forward

Building China into a strong supplier of welding consumables is the beginning of the founding of Tianjin Jinqiao Welding Materials Group by Mr. Hou Lizun.

In 1986, Mr. Hou Lizun stepped down from the position of deputy chief engineer and chief engineer of Tianjin Welding Electrode Factory, at the age of 63. As a pioneer and founder of modern welding consumables research and development in China, Mr. Hou Lizun's retirement is entirely justified in his days. However, he resolutely ran to a deserted saline-alkali tidal flat just tiled to Tianjin Development Zone to start a business. He wanted to use all the welding consumables accumulated after his 16-year-old entrance to the development field to open up a new experimental field for high-end welding consumables in TEDA and to make a strong dream for him to round his welding consumables.

It is 30 years until he finished 93 spring and autumn last year.

His contribution to the cause of China's welding consumables was highly praised when he was awarded the "China Welding Lifetime Achievement Award" as early as the Fourteenth National Welding Conference held in August 2009:

"Year of the Carpenter start a business, to create a world-leading production and sales of welding consumables well-known enterprises; painstaking research, the successful development of a complete replacement of hand-made complete sets of equipment, China's electrode production into the mechanized era; developed ilmenite instead of rutile , The end of China's welding consumables rely on the history of imported raw materials ...... China's welding consumables every progress, have his contribution. "

With "Golden Bridge" world production and sales of welding consumables, China has become a veritable manufacturing country of welding consumables, he has great achievements; from the large and not strong constraints of the metallurgical industry, China is not a strong welding consumables, he regretted the end.

Can comfort him is his unfinished business, now has a successor.

Never forget the beginning, keep in mind the mission, we must make China as soon as possible to build a welding consumables power. Hou Yunchang, general manager of Jinqiao Welding Group, this speech, enough Mingzhi.