Development Trend Of Metal Welding

- Aug 30, 2017-

Development trend of welding technology 1. Improving welding productivity is an important driving force for the development of welding technology

There are two ways to improve productivity: the first is to improve the welding deposition rate, such as three wire submerged arc welding, the process parameters are 220a/33v, 1400a40v, 1100a45v. The Groove section is small and the baffle or liner is set behind. 50~60MM steel plate can be welded through the forming process, welding speed can be reached, 0.4m/min above, the penetration rate and electrode arc welding compared to 100 times times, the second approach is to reduce the Groove section and metal deposition, the most prominent achievement is narrow gap welding. The narrow gap welding is based on gas shielded welding, the use of single wire, double wire, three wire welding, regardless of the thickness of the joint, can be used docking form, such as steel plate thickness of 50~300mm, clearance can be designed around 13mm, so the required amount of deposited metal into several times, dozens of times times lower, thus greatly improving productivity. The main technical key of narrow welding is to see how to ensure the two sides melt through and ensure the ARC Center automatically tracking and in the Groove Center line, for this reason, the world developed a variety of different programs, so there are many narrow gap welding method.