Development Prospect Of Welding Equipment

- Aug 30, 2017-

Welding equipment in China, whether from the production component or technical development direction, is to the efficient, automated, intelligent, energy-saving, environmentally friendly welding direction of development.

Welding equipment is a large quantity of products, a wide range of specifications, is gradually approaching the international level, efficient, energy-saving, provincial materials, consumption of product market share will be further expanded. Need to comply with market requirements, adjust product structure, improve product quality, it is advisable to vigorously develop inverter welding power supply and automatic, semi-automatic welder, especially high efficiency energy-saving carbon dioxide welding machine.

The Resistance welding technology is based on medium and high power, which is the main research content and development direction. Resistance welding microcomputer control quality monitoring, inverter resistance welding technology, intelligent and expert system, flexible resistance welding complete set of equipment, welding robot, etc. is an important research content and professional production direction. Specially applies to the coating material, the aluminum alloy material welding request, as well as the precision part welding resistance welder's development to be more noticeable.

The development of testing technology and test equipment will help to improve the technology and technical level of enterprises.