Code 2605 (CD4MCu)00Cr25Ni6Mo2Cu+N #x Z8}

- Apr 08, 2018-

Code 2605 (CD4MCu)00Cr25Ni6Mo2Cu+N #x z8}

Mechanical properties Tensile strength σb≥700MPa Yield strength σ0.2≥485MPa Hardness HB300

{ The main feature is low-carbon duplex stainless steel. It is a proprietary material imported from the French HS company. It has high hardness, good casting performance, good mechanical and machining performance, and good welding performance.

Both good corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, and stress corrosion resistance in media containing chloride ions.

Use range and level Suitable for corrosive abrasive media. In the phosphate fertilizer industry is widely used in filtration lotion, ground tanks and sewage treatment stations. Also suitable for media less than 60 °C. In the P2O5: 28~30%, H2SO4:3~5%, CaSO4•2H2O:3~5%, F-:1.6~2.5%, Cl-:<800ppm, t:80~85°C, impeller life Not less than one year, the life of the pump is not less than one year.

This material has the same performance as CD4MCu, and is widely used in the phosphate fertilizer industry. It is also widely used in chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber, papermaking and sewage treatment industries.

Other grades of duplex stainless steel: 00Cr18Ni5Mo3Si2 (3RE60, S31500), 00Cr22Ni5Mo3N (2205, S31803), 00Cr25Ni7Mo4N (2507, S32750)