Carbon Steel Electrode

- Jan 17, 2018-

Carbon steel electrode

Carbon steel electrode (the deposited metal tensile strength are less than or equal to 500MPa or 50kgf / mm2) for low carbon steel and low alloy steel welding.

For low-hydrogen, iron-type electrode, the electrode before welding must be above 350 ℃ baking, as much as possible with the baking with the use of how much how much baking principle, otherwise it will have welding defects (such as porosity, slag, Cracks, poor process performance, etc.). Cellulose type electrode, should be strictly in accordance with the instructions baking temperature baking, the temperature is too high, it will burn to the cellulose in the skin, destroy the electrode inherent process performance.

When using low-hydrogen electrode, the welder should stay in the upwind position to enhance exhaust ventilation and prevent the welding fumes from damaging the body.

The number of low-hydrogen electrode baking its no more than twice as much as possible to prevent brittle skin off, fall off.