Carbon Rod

- Jan 15, 2018-

Carbon rod classification

Round carbon rod: Mainly used for the root of the weld, the back of the groove and remove welding defects, etc .;

Rectangular carbon rod: used to remove the temporary residual weld and weld scars on the member, clear the remaining height of the weld and carbon arc cutting;

Connect the carbon rod: suitable for automatic or manual welding torch, continuous feed, you can reduce the residual carbon rod loss when used, the planing slot high precision, smooth, stable, high efficiency.

Instructions for use

1, carbon rod must be kept dry, moisture can only be used after drying.

2, for the DC power supply when the carbon rod connected to the positive, negative then work.

3, compressed air pressure to maintain 0.5-1.6MPa.

4, the arc between the carbon rod and the workpiece about 3mm, carbon rod exposed fixture is about 100mm.

5, carbon rod and the workpiece into a 45 ° angle, and along the tangential (or straight) direction planing.

6, carbon rod must be ventilated when used. Operating current.