Carbon Arc Gouging

- Jan 16, 2018-

Carbon arc gouging is the use of carbon rods or graphite rods as electrodes, arcing with the workpiece, the metal is melted, and compressed air blowing molten metal is a surface processing groove method. In welding production, mainly used to planing groove, eliminate weld defects and back root clearance. 

Carbon arc gouging has the following characteristics:

(1) Manual carbon arc gouging, flexibility, can be full position operation. Reachability, very easy.

(2) Clear the weld defects, the shape and depth of defects can be clearly observed under the arc.

(3) high efficiency. With automatic carbon arc gouging, with higher accuracy, reduce labor intensity.

The disadvantages of carbon arc gouging are: noise, smoke, dust pollution and arc radiation. The surface needs polishing, otherwise it may carburize.