Application In Ironmaking And Sintering

- Mar 19, 2018-

Application in ironmaking and sintering


The current and potential applications of Corewire hardfacing materials in ironworks are very wide and varied. In the production of iron and sintering equipment to be involved in the wear and tear, the contact between the metal, but also to withstand high temperatures and corrosion, it is necessary to take into account the loss of hard-wearing parts protection. Examples of current Corewire hard-facing materials used by steel mills include the following: screens; for example, sinter screens. Chisels and hammers; thermal crushing processes for raw materials; for example, ore or coke. Single-tooth crusher; Used for crushing process of sinter ore or other raw materials. Storage tank: for example, adding alloy hopper, tank wall. Blast furnace bell: especially the bell seal and the bottom. The sealing surface of the blast bell is a typical case for applying the Corewire method. The double bell funnel system on the blast furnace relies on two conical size bell placed one on top of the other in order to prevent blast furnace gas while feeding materials such as ores, coke and limestone to the blast furnace Give way. Seals on the periphery of the bottom edge of the bell often suffer from high temperatures and frequent wear of heavy objects, resulting in significant wear or reduced service life. Disassembly and replacement of the clock is not only time-consuming, costly, but also very complex, dangerous, prolonged production downtime maintenance and thus seriously affect the production. In order to solve these problems, Corewire has developed CC45 hard surface material, carbide in the alloy can withstand temperatures up to 650 degrees, but also very wear-resistant. CC45 is currently used in India's ironworks, the results show that its performance is very good.