When using the torch should pay attention to the matter

- Feb 08, 2018-

When using the torch should pay attention to the matter

(1) Before use must check its suction situation. Oxygen hose first in the oxygen connector, the welding torch connected to oxygen. At this point first open acetylene valve hand wheel, and then turn on the oxygen adjustment hand wheel, press the acetylene joint with your finger, if the fingers feel a suction, it shows that the normal role of aspiration. If there is no suction, and even oxygen from the acetylene joint back out, then no suction capacity, must be repaired, otherwise it is strictly prohibited.

(2) After the torch jet suction test is normal, connect the acetylene rubber tube to the acetylene joint. General requirements oxygen inlet connector must be firmly connected with the oxygen rubber tube, that is, with a clamp or annealed wire tighten. The acetylene inlet connector and acetylene rubber hose should avoid the connection is too tight, airtight and easy to plug in and easy to unplug subject. At the same time should check the other gas channels, the gas control valve and the nozzle at the Department of normal and leakage.

(3) After the above inspection can be ignited. Ignition should be slightly open the oxygen regulator, and then open the acetylene regulator. Immediately after ignition, adjust the flame so that the flame reaches its normal shape. If the adjustment is not normal or the phenomenon of fire, you should check whether the air leaks or pipeline blockage, and repair. Ignition can also be the first to open the acetylene control valve, ignite acetylene and smoke ash, immediately open the oxygen regulation Yi Fan Festival Yi fire. This private cable fire method can avoid the phenomenon of Ming boom explosion, but also in the event of oxygen back to oxygen immediately after the turn off to prevent tempering explosion, this ignition method can also be easier to find whether the welding torch plug and other problems, The disadvantage is a slight soot, affecting health, but is conducive to safe operation.

(4) stop using, you should first close the acetylene regulator, and then turn off the oxygen regulator to prevent the flame from destroying and soot generation. In the event of tempering occurs, should quickly close the acetylene regulator, while closing the oxygen regulator. After the tempering is extinguished, turn on the oxygen regulating valve to blow off the remaining flame and soot left in the torch and cool the front of the torch handle in water.

(5) In the process of using, if it is found that there is air leakage in gas passage or valve, stop working immediately and eliminate the leakage before continuing to use.

(6) The torch gas channels are not contaminated with grease to prevent oxygen encountered fat burning and explosion. In addition, the welding tip mating surface can not bruise, to prevent leakage due to affect the use.

(7) The welding torch should be hanging in the appropriate place after it is stopped or remove the rubber hose to store the welding torch in the toolbox. It is forbidden to store the welding torch with gas source in the toolbox.