Welding rod classification and model

- May 05, 2018-

Welding rod classification and model:

         ★ GB/T13814-92 "nickel and nickel alloy electrode" standard is equivalent to the United States ANSI/AWS A5.11-89 "nickel and nickel alloy coating electrode electrode specification": (five)


◆Industrial pure nickel electrode: ENi-0, ENi-1

         ◆Ni-Cu electrode: ENiCu-7

         ◆Ni-Cr-Fe electrode: ENiCrFe-0 to ENiCrFe-4

          ◆Ni-Mo electrode: ENiMo-1, ENiMo-3, ENiMo-7

         ◆Ni-Cr-Mo type electrode: ENiCrMo-0 to ENiCrMo-9

         ★ Types of coating: titanium calcium type (03), alkaline (15, 16)