Welding consumables for the same type of nickel material

- May 06, 2018-

Welding consumables for the same type of nickel material:

        ◇ should use the same welding material as the parent alloy series

        ◇ If there is no requirement for corrosion resistance, welding materials different from the parent alloy system may be used, but the performance of the joint required by the design shall be guaranteed.


        Monel 400: Electrode ENiCu-7; Welding wire ERNiCu-7

        Inconel600: Electrode ENiCrFe-1; Welding wire ERNiCrFe-5

        Incoloy 800H: Electrode ENiCrFe-2; Welding wire ERNiCr-3

        Hastelloy C-276: Electrode ENiCrMo-4; Welding wire ERNiCrMo-4

        (2) For the welding of dissimilar nickel materials and nickel materials and austenitic stainless steels, the following factors should be considered:

        The strength of the beryllium weld (including the high temperature durable strength), corrosion resistance meet the design;

        ◇ Select welding material with similar coefficient of linear expansion and base metal.

        ◇ Consider the susceptibility of welding consumables to weld cracks and porosity.


        ◇ Austenitic stainless steel and Monel 400 welding: Electrode ENiCu-7; Welding wire ERNiCu-7.

        ◇ Monel 400 welding with Inconel 600: welding rod ENiCrFe-3; welding wire ERNiCr-3.

        ◇ Incoloy 800H and Hastelloy C-276 welding: Electrode ENiMo-3; Welding wire ERNiMo-3.