- Mar 31, 2018-

Weldability: Refers to the data in the inevitable welding process conditions (using the necessary welding methods, welding data, process parameters and welding structure type conditions), to obtain high-quality welding joints difficult water An Enron can be in the welding joint Use the conditions to run firmly.

Weld influencing factors (starting point of welding analysis) 2. Weldability impact factor data: base material chemical composition, shape, function data design: joint stress shape, whether it is free to deform design process: welding method and Process method Process environment: Decommissioning temperature, decommissioning medium, load nature environment 3. Content of welding experiment Contents of welding experiment (Several detailed aspects of weldability analysis) (1) Hot cracks: Crystal cracks, liquefied cracks, multiple change cracks ) Hot cracks: crystal cracks, liquefied cracks, cause of occurrence: S, P constitute low-melting point eutectic; thermal stress.