The principle of MIG welding MIG welding

- Mar 30, 2018-

The principle of MIG welding MIG welding: Mission principle MIG welding uses a melting wire between the weldable wire and the workpiece to be used as a heat source to melt the wire and the parent metal, and to the weld zone. Maintenance and maintenance of gas, so that the arc, molten wire, molten pool and the nearby metal base metal from the harmful effects of the surrounding air.

Continuation The fed wire metal melts and transitions to the bath from time to time. The fusion with the molten parent metal forms the weld metal and the workpieces are joined to each other.

Advantages: Advantages: High flow density, heat concentration, high deposition rate, and high welding speed.

Deep penetration, suitable for welding thicker welds (thickness of 8 ~ 25mm) can obtain low hydrogen content welds.

Defects: Defective arc light, large smoke.