The main chemical composition of BAg25CuZnSn(TS-25P)

- Apr 20, 2018-

The main chemical composition of BAg25CuZnSn(TS-25P): Ag: 25±1, Cu: 36±1, Sn: 5, Zn: Balance Performance: Brazing temperature 760-810°C, good flowability, and relatively clean solder joints : Suitable for brazing copper, copper alloys, silver-nickel alloys, steel and stainless steel, can replace HL303 silver electrodes Silver electrodes containing cadmium or tin and silver pads BAg60CuSn Main chemical components: Ag: 60±1, Sn: 9.5±1 , Cu: Balance Performance: Brazing temperature 720-840°C, low melting point, good electrical conductivity Application: Suitable for final soldering of vacuum devices, with good weld finish