Storage of welding wire

- Aug 30, 2017-

1, the storage of welding wire warehouse should have a dry and ventilated environment, to avoid moisture, refuse to water, acid, alkali and other liquids very easy to swing

The existence of corrosive substances, it is not appropriate to coexist with these substances in the same warehouse.

2, the wire should be placed on the wooden pallet, it can not be placed directly on the floor or close to the wall.

3, access and handling the wire when careful not to break the packaging, especially in the packaging "heat shrink film."

4, open the wire packaging should be completed as soon as possible (within a week), once the wire directly exposed in the air, its rust-proof time will be greatly shortened (especially in the humid, corrosive media environment)

5, according to the "Advanced first Out" principle to distribute welding wire, minimize product inventory time.

6, according to the type of welding wire, specifications classified storage, prevent wrong use.