- Aug 30, 2017-

⑴ Welding cutting operations, the operating environment 10M range of all flammable and explosive items clean up, should pay attention to check the working environment of the trench, the sewer there is no flammable liquid and combustible gas, and whether it is possible to leak into the gutter and the flammable explosive substances in the sewer, lest due to welding slag, metal Mars caused by disaster accident.

⑵ High altitude welding cutting, the prohibition of littering the electrode head, welding cutting work should be carried out under the quarantine, the completion of the operation should be carefully inspected to confirm that no fire hazard can leave the scene.

⑶ should be used in accordance with the relevant national standards, regulations, cylinders, in the storage of cylinders, transportation, use and other links should strictly abide by the safety regulations.

The ⑷ shall be installed, used and managed in accordance with the provisions of the pipelines conveying flammable gases and gas-burning bodies, and special safety technical training shall be conducted for operators and inspectors.

The welding and mending method should be determined in combination with the actual situation when the ⑸ welding fuel vessel and pipeline. When the replacement method is implemented, the replacement should be thorough, and the work should strictly control the content of the combustible material when the tape pressure does not replace the method, should maintain a certain voltage. The oxygen content in the work should be strictly controlled. To strengthen the detection, pay attention to guardianship, there should be safety organization measures.