Minus 30 ℃ lying snow welding

- Mar 15, 2018-

Minus 30 lying snow welding


January 23, the lowest temperature in the Northeast dropped to minus 30 degrees Celsius. In order to do a good job of capacity-building start work, seize the New Year on the production, in the old wooden old area of Jilin Oilfield, construction company cadre staff horizontal snow welding pipelines.

After years of production, the aging of the water injection pipeline and the oil pipeline outside the station in the joint station in the South of Jilin Oilfield has seriously affected the quality and progress of oil production. From November 20 last year, the construction company installation team to undertake the mining area of the ground system renovation project. The project involves 3 pipelines and 7 pipe networks, and the 9030 extension meter 920 welds.