J556FeXG cellulose down pipe electrode

- Mar 16, 2018-

J556FeXG cellulose down pipe electrode

Meets GB E5518-G

Quite AWS E8018-G


Description: E556FeXG is a special type of iron powder electrode for low-hydrogen potassium type coating skin. Its characteristics are that the slag is not smolder when down welding, the arc is stable, and there is a little blowing force, slag removal is easier, the welding wave is smooth, and the deposition efficiency is higher High, with good mechanical properties and crack resistance. AC and DC, DC reverse welding, the effect is better.


Uses: Suitable for filling and cap welding of middle carbon steel and low strength alloy steel pipes with corresponding strength grades, and also for down fillet welding and downside butt groove welding of structural steels of the same grade.