Flux cored wire manufacturing

- May 09, 2018-

Flux cored wire manufacturing


The manufacturing process of flux-cored wire is controlled very rigorously. Since the filler metal is derived from the steel sheet and the ingredients contained in the flux, the size and chemical composition before fabrication must be checked in detail to ensure quality.


As the internal space of the welding consumables is limited, the size of the flux particles becomes more and more important. The particles form a bird's nest-like joint and the components of the flux are not uniform.


Most of the flux-cored welding wire is rolled up by a flat sheet metal strip to form a U-shaped section. The granular flux is filled in a U-shaped metal tank and then the sealing rolling step is performed to tightly seal the flux. Rolled in tubular wire


The coiled wire is subjected to a series of pull-outs to become the required wire diameter, and this pull-out action also allows the flux to be uniformly fixed in the wire skin.