Flux-cored welding wire

- Apr 28, 2018-

Flux-cored welding wire is a promising new type of welding material. In recent years, the types and dosages of domestic flux-cored welding wire have been increasing. Compared with solid wire, flux-cored wire has the following advantages and disadvantages.


(1) Advantages:


1) Adaptability to welding of various steels It is extremely convenient and easy to adjust the composition and proportion of the flux and provide the required chemical composition of the weld.


2) The process performance is good and the appearance of the candle joint is beautiful. The joint protection of the gas slag is used to obtain a good shape. The arc stabilizing agent is added to make the arc stable and the droplets transition evenly.


3) Fast deposition speed and high production efficiency The current density of the flux-cored welding wire at the same welding current is large, the melting speed is fast, the deposition rate is about 85%-90%, and the productivity is about 3-5 times higher than that of the electrode arc welding.


4) All position welding can be performed with larger welding current.