Common welding wire

- Aug 30, 2017-

SKD11 > 0.5~3.2mm HRC 56~58 welding and cooling for steel, metal stamping die, die-cutting, cutting tools, molding die, workpiece hard hard to produce a high hardness, wear resistance and high toughness of the argon electrode, welding before heating preheating, otherwise prone to cracking phenomenon.

63-degree edge edge welding Wire > 0.5~3.2mm HRC 63~55, mainly used in welding broach die, heat for high hardness mold, hot forging total mold, hot stamping die, screw mold, wear-resistant, high speed steel, edge repair.

SKD61 > 0.5~3.2mm HRC 40~43 welding zinc, aluminum die-casting mold, with good heat resistance and crack resistance, hot air die, aluminum-copper forging, aluminum-copper die-casting, with good heat, wear-resistant, crack resistance. Common hot-pressing mold often shell-like crack, mostly caused by thermal stress, but also because of surface oxidation or die-casting raw material corrosion, heat treatment to the appropriate hardness to improve its life, too low or too high hardness is not applicable.

70N > 0. $number. 0mm welding Wire characteristics and applications: the bonding of high hardness steel, zinc-aluminum die-casting die cracking, welding and reconstruction, iron/cast iron welding repair. Can be directly surfacing a variety of cast iron/pig iron materials, can also be used as a mold crack welding, the use of cast iron welding, as far as possible to lower the current, with a short distance of the arc welding, steel part of the preheating, after welding heating and slowly cooling.