Air hole solution for CO2 gas shielded welding

- May 20, 2018-

Air hole solution for CO2 gas shielded welding (1) Reasonable use of welding parameters. In the case of not infringing on the welding process, the magnitude of the welding current I think depends on the individual, and is adjusted according to the individual's usage habits. You should not use the same specifications as others. (2) Use qualified welding materials and shielding gas. (3) Thoroughly remove water, rust, oil, and other impurities from the wire and the surface of the metal to be welded. (4) When using carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding or argon-enriched gas shielded arc welding, the distance and angle between the welding torch and the weldment must be adjusted so that the weld pool is fully protected. Make sure that the gas heater is in good condition. (5) The deflector of the gas shielded welding torch must be long enough. After it is too short, the protective gas cannot form a good protective cover during the flow. I wonder if the above answer will not help your work. Also pay attention to the flow of the surrounding air, it is best not to exceed 1.5m/s wind speed around